Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Divination Book Trailer!!! :D

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted lately. I'v been neck deep with final exams, school, and the big move back to California XD Luckily, school ends June 8th and I move June 29th so i'll have free time.

Anyways, for Computer Science class in school, our final project was to make a 3+ minute long animation video. I decided to make a book trailer for Divination. I must say it looks pretty epic :D I'm just finishing the narrating and turning it in on Friday :) Now I have literally worked so much on this. From classes to lunch periods, I have put in many hours on this. Why so? Well I want this to not just be a project but become my official book trailer :)

I don't have too many pictures but these are a few for a sneak peak of whats in store :) 
Note that everything was hand created by me :)

Title Scene

Saran Majubar

Ryan Storm

God's Discussion Scene (Non Updated version)

Forest Battle Scene

Forest Close-Up

So what do you think? It looks epic so far and I am almost done. I can't wait to finish it :D

Anyways, thanks for reading my post :) Also, if your not following my blog, please please PLEASE follow it because I only need 1 more follower till the big 100 :)



  1. What a cool project! You put a lot of work into it.
    And you just hit a hundred followers - congratulations.

    1. Thanks Alex :) I'm posting the trailer soon :)

  2. ...who the heck made those. That might not be a book tralier at all.

    1. As I said, Nick they are photos. The video is on my flashdrive. I will be uploading it soon :)

  3. What did you use to make that video? It looks familiar to me but I can't place it....

    1. I used Alice World Builder. You can search it on line and download it for free.

    2. Cool! that's just what I thought it was! Thanks!

  4. Man, that is pretty cool. I can't wait to see it. Don't forget to pick up your blog awards!

    1. WOW! Thanks for the awards! :D I'll get cracking on the rules when I get the chance :P Thanks again! :)

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