Ryan Storm and Saran Majubar aren't your average teenagers. From the start of their lives they have only known one of their parents. Little do they know that one of their parents is a God. Meanwhile, an evil is rising upon the world and the Gods cannot face it alone. The Greek and Egyptian gods must align to save the world but even they cannot protect the human race. The Gods decide that they must call upon their children. Otherwise known as demi-gods. Ryan and Saran eventually find themselves working together, challenge by challenge, quest by quest to banish the evil from the face of the earth. Ryan being the son of Zeus, and Saran being the son of Anubis, they will embark on a journey that will change their lives forever. Although the evil's powers are unknown, the Gods know that this is one task they cannot handle alone.

The current release date for Divination is not set but sometime during the year 2013.


  1. Interesting combination of Gods. I'm looking forward to Fall for the release :)

    1. Thanks :) I'm aiming for fall but i'll see how things go and how much I am able to get done.

  2. Yadin, I love fantasy! I'm currently going through The Wheel of Time...again! I'll be looking for this book in the fall!!!

    I know this isn't an A-Z post however the name caught my eye the moment your blog came up and I had to look!

    now to pop over to your Challenge post!

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