Saturday, February 18, 2012

Divination Preview

Hey guys! So I thought that I might as well give you the first chapter of Divination as a preview for what I have coming up. So without further adu, I give you the first chapter of Divination :)

Chapter 1

Years ago, the Gods of Egypt and the Gods of Greece had a war. The great leader of the Greek Gods, Zeus, was the only survivor. His Brothers and Sisters fought valiantly until the final straw when the Egyptians summoned the power of Anubis, the god of the dead second to Osiris, who then preformed the Opening of The Mouth ceremony. Anubis was the only Egyptian God survivor. Decades later, a great evil rose upon the earth and it would take the power of both Zeus and Anubis to defeat it.
“Ryan wake up, it’s time for school” yelled Ryan’s mother from the bottom of the stairs.
“Alright mom I’m up. Give me five minutes and then I will be downstairs for breakfast.”
Ryan Storm is your average teenage boy who loves to have fun with friends and relax and enjoy the humid weather of California. Ryan is around five foot eight and has wavy blond hair which is sometimes covered by a hat. It is fairly easy to tell Ryan’s mood because his eyes are a clear blue color which occasionally change to ocean foam green.
Ryan quickly threw on a pair of dark blue jeans and a black V-neck with gray lines going across it. Before going downstairs, Ryan slipped on his black DC shoes when he suddenly realized he should be downstairs. When he reached the bottom of the stairs, Ryan’s mom started getting stressed because they were not on time.
“Ryan were late! Eat your cereal and drink your orange juice quickly because school starts in 10 minutes.”
Finishing his breakfast, Ryan gets into his moms car and drives to school not knowing that what he will soon encounter will change his life. When he arrives to school he is greeted by his world history teacher, Mr. A. Mr. A greets Ryan with a hello and in response Ryan responds with a friendly hello. Although Ryan has many classes and teachers, he favors Mr. A’s class the most because Ryan has always felt a close connection with the world as a whole but mainly what his class is currently studying, Mythology.
During 3rd period, the intercom turns on and Ms. Roberts calls Ryan to the office. On his way to the office, Ryan is wondering what he could have possibly done to be called to the office. Little does he know that what he is about to encounter with change his life forever.
When Ryan walked into the office he was greeted by Ms. Roberts who was in charge of the front desk. “Hello Ryan.” She said. “Mr. Ward is waiting for you in his office. Shall I see to you the way?”
“No thank you.” exclaimed Ryan. “I know my way.”
Ryan passed behind the front desk and walked through a long narrow hallway with a white wallpaper and blue carpet which included many photos on the walls. Upon reaching the office door, Ryan took a quick in-and-out breath and walked into Mr. Ward’s office.
“Ah Mr. Storm. Please have a seat. We have business to discuss.” So Mr. Storm, do you know why you are here?”
“No Sir. I have no clue whatsoever as to why I am here because I know I have not done anything wrong.”
“That is correct but I believe it is what you yet have to do. Let me explain. This morning I received a letter from an unknown person which was entitled for you. For your safety, I opened it to make sure it was not vulgar or threatening in any manor because it was from an unknown sender. I only read the first line or so but what I read in that letter I believe was for your eyes only so I apologize in advance for reading what was meant for you. Here, why don’t you read it for yourself.”
Ryan took the letter out of Mr. A’s hand and started reading.

To Mr. Ryan Storm.
Dearest Ryan,
You do not know who I am but I know who you are. I have been watching and on looking you your whole life. I guess you can consider me as a guardian. Now, what I am about to tell you is very important so you best sit down. You Ryan have the blood of the Gods. Yes you heard me right. Have you ever wondered why your mother kept your fathers last name, Storm? Have you ever wondered why your mother always tries encouraging you to study Greek mythology? This is because your father is the god of the storms. Well actually he is the god of the sky, storms, and all of Olympus. Yes Ryan, your father is Zeus – Leader of the Gods.
Now I know this is a lot to take in but please hear me out. A great evil has come over the world but it is too powerful even for Zeus. I must make this short because the Gods would be angry. For further information go to your history teacher Mr. A and tell him this – The past and present matter none, but the future is what matters. Speaking these words will clue him into your knowledge of this message. Good luck Ryan, and whatever you think, there is no going back now.
Warmest Regards,
A Close Friend

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