Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meet The Characters of Divination!

Hello everyone :) So today in school, I got bored and decided to draw a few of the items from Divination as well as Ryan and Saran. Oh and a Satyr ;P

Ryan Storm

Saran Majubar

Zeus Items (For Ryan)

Anubis Items (For Saran)


I have also been writing nonstop since I got home so let's say a good four plus hours. I'd say I covered a lot. I finished up two new chapters, wrote a total of 12 pages and did some more research :) It's been fun but my hands are starting to ache :P I just started a new chapter so I might leave it there and pick it up tomorrow. So yea... Schools done for the rest of the week, I have tomorrow to do some more writing. HOPEFULLY Divination will be released in August of 2012 :D That's only 5 and a half months away!!! I still have about 60,000 words to go but I think I can do it :)

Also I am getting a domain for this site so say bye bye to the annoying thing and hello to just plain old .com :) Besides that, I am searching the web for someone to make the cover for Divination. I have some people in mind but when I find one, I will have to go through a long process and then I can guarantee that it will go straight up on the blog asap :)

Well anyways have a good night? :P Enjoy your Friday tomorrow and don't forget you #FF 's on twitter :)


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