Friday, April 6, 2012

A-Z Challege: Friends With Benefits/Passover!!!/IPhone App

Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake

That he has! Justin Timberlake has brought sexy back with his movie that was released in the end of the 2011 year.
Friends With Benefits is an amazing and hilarious movie ft. Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.... And Sean White! This movie was amazing. WARNING! If you have younger children under 14 or if your not comfortable letting them see "kinky" parts in the movie I would not recommend watching this with them. This movie is rated R but it is definitely on my top 10.

"Jamie (Mila Kunis) is a New York head-hunter trying to sign Los Angeles-based Dylan (Justin Timberlake) for her client. When he takes the job and makes the move, they quickly become friends. Their friendship turns into a friendship with benefits, but with Jamie's emotionally damaged past and Dylan's history of being emotionally unavailable, they have to try to not fall for each other the way Hollywood romantic comedies dictate." -

Friends With Benefits is just what it sounds like. Jamie and Dylan both have had bad relationship lives so they try to start together but as all relationships and friendships go, they have their ups and downs...

Friends With Benefits Trailer

Sean White Scene... BEST SCENE EVER!!!!

What's a movie without a FLASH MOB!!!

Overall, Friends With Benefits is easily a favorite of mine because from the start, the movie packs a punch and you can just tell it will be awesome! :D

A-Z Question:
Who's cooler - Justin Timberlake or Sean White? What's your favorite scene from the movie?

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So my good friend Steven has just released his new app called Beest. It is amazing!!! Ok so first off, the title screen is just out of this world. It's original yet so genius! It looks like a bee's coat with stripes for the different options. The bee's in the colums move up and the columns then come from the other end! :D

Title Screen

Just in time for SPRING !!!!!

Beest is mad because there are so many obstacles in his way from getting the flowers. 
Things like "April Showers" and and HUMANS are keeping him from "May Flowers".
HELP Beest get flowers, some that give you more points and some that make him blazing FAST !
It is a daring adventure. 
Help Beest avoid or attack the humans trying to swat him. 
Protect Beest from harm while trying to collect flowers!

It's a free app and it's really cool and I would highly suggest you go and check it out :D Please go download it from and support Steven. I have been with him pretty much every step of the way of the development of this app and it has come a long way from it's original format. Please go download it. Remember it's FREE. Nothing better then a cool free app :D You can also go like Beest on Facebook here and it will soon be on Twitter :D Thanks again for taking the time to read this and please please please support Steven and his one of a kind app called Beest :) Remember, it's free ;)

Beest Screenshot's:

iPhone Screenshot 2 iPhone Screenshot 3 iPhone Screenshot 4

Thanks again for reading and supporting Steven! Once again you can download Beest here.


Edit Again:

Happy Pesach!!!! For all of you celebrating Passover, I hope you have a chag kasher v'sameach :D A kosher and happy pesach :) I have been working non stop the past few days preparing for tonight's seder (meal) and I am probably going to have another 5 hour seder :)  

I hope you all have a meaningful seder tonight and I give my best wishes to you and your families :)

You Have Not Lived Till You See This :)

The Ever Famous Fountainheads :)

Bohemian Rhapsody Passover Version :)

Happy Pesach and thanks for reading :D


Feedback Friday     is just the A-Z Questions :P Also, what do you think of Beest? Did you get it?


  1. Friends with Benefits is a fab movie ! Really liked it.

    The 'pact' at the start of the movie; the bit where JT gets picked by the helicopter; the flash mob at the end are some of my fave scenes.

    1. The pact is amazing! With the IPad Bible :P Hilarious! :D I like the Sean White parts :P Good stuff XD

  2. I live this film! Saw it in the cinema and was laughing all the way thought, definitely one to have on DVD!

    1. I know right! I might get it on DvD but I don't know :P

  3. I still haven't seen FWB, but I'm a Natalie portman fan so I'd prefer No strings Attached :)

    Fellow A-Z bloggy buddy
    Mithril Wisdom

    1. You have to Jamie :D Eh personal choice :P

  4. I friggin love that movie. I love that Justin Timberlake can make fun of himself. It was a great one. Great post and happy A-Z blogging.

    1. Thanks :D I love JT's humor. He's just a really cool guy :)

  5. Oh man, I haven't seen that movie but I wanted to and now I REALLY want to. And Justin Timberlake is definitely cooler than Sean for me. :) The Beest app looks fun! I bet my boys will love it.

    Happy Passover!

    1. JT is the man. Beest is cool and your kids will probably like it :D

      Thanks :D Happy Easter!

  6. I won't watch the movie because Mila freaks me out, but I would definitely download that app if I had a cell that worked.

    1. LOL :P But when you get a cell that works, you should get it :D

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