Sunday, April 15, 2012

A-Z Challenge (Numbers): 1492

Conquest of Paradise

1492: Conquest of Paradise, is the story of Christopher Columbus and his crew and the discovery of the America's.The scenery is impressive, including some of Spain's grandest old palaces and cathedrals. The film's other principal location was Costa Rica, which passes not only for all of the various islands Columbus visited, but also for Palos, the small Spanish port from which Columbus sailed on his first voyage. It's a very pretty little port, if somewhat tropical for Spain.                                    
The special effects are also good, especially a hurricane that sweeps down on Columbus at one point as if it were the hand of God, though just what God might be thinking remains as fuzzy as the ideas of the film makers. Vangelis, the composer, supplies the music, which often suggests the upbeat theme he wrote for "Chariots of Fire."

1492 has been rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned), shows heretics being burned at the stake and scenes of bloody battle and mayhem. 

I personally love the main music. It was my uncles entrance song at his wedding and it just is so mesmerizing... I love to play this on piano because it just is so calm and heavenly in a ways.

1492 Trailer

A-Z Question:
Have you seen 1492? If so, what is your favorite scene from it and why?

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