Saturday, April 28, 2012

A-Z Challenge: Young Frankenstein


Young Frankenstein is a classic. Aside from that a family favorite. At home, we have it downstairs on VCR and we always watch it because who doesn't love it :P If you don't know about Young Frankenstein (how could you not) it's basically about A young neurosurgeon (Gene Wilder) who inherits the castle of his grandfather, the famous Dr. Victor von Frankenstein. In the castle he finds a funny hunchback called Igor, a pretty lab assistant named Inga and the old housekeeper, frau Blucher -iiiiihhh!-. Young Frankenstein believes that the work of his grandfather is only crap, but when he discovers the book where the mad doctor described his reanimation experiment, he suddenly changes his mind..

Official Trailer

My dad is always like would you like some Ovaltine???

A-Z Question:
What's your favorite scene from the movie? 

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  1. I love this movie and I think that my favorite scene is when the Monster and the doctor dance to Puttin' on the Ritz. I also love Inspector Kemp.

  2. Anything with Gene Wilder is worth watching.



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