Monday, March 5, 2012

Shadow's in The Night and a New Segment!

Recently, I have been playing with ideas for a few new books to follow Divination. The Mythology Mysteries is nice and I like it but I might save that for another time. Here are a few ideas of books i'm playing with. As of now these are just names i'm playing with but I have a basic outline for them and what they would contain.

  • Shadow's in The Night
  • Lord of The Frost
  • Terror on Mars

Edit: I just had the idea to make Shadows in The Night a series!!! Children of The Dark would be the name of the series. It's got a nice ring to it but i'm trying to think of a word to replace Dark. Any suggestions?

Anyways, Here's a quick overview of Shadow's in The Night. 

Shadows in The Night
16 year old Zachary Fighter was just informed of his Uncles passing and when his family goes to his Uncles house, he wanders off to the attic. Zack discovers a hidden box in the corner of the room. Little does he know that the box found is a magical prison from the olden days. Zack chooses to do some research to hopefully find out whats so special about it when suddenly the box mysteriously disappears. Zack realizes that it's up to him to retrieve the box and find out more about it. Throughout his journey, Zack makes many new friends and foes. Soon he will realize he is part of something far greater then just a family, but an ancient civilization known as the Children of The Dark.


How'd ya like it? I think it could actually turn out very well and I could incorporate many things into it. Do you like the name?

So here is a new thing I want to start. Let's pretend today is Friday. I want to call this new "segment" Feedback Friday. Every Friday I will make a post about new stuff and anything going on in the world or just anything in general and you, the readers will be able to give your feedback on the topic.

So this will make up for this past Friday. 
  •  Do you like the idea of Shadows in The Night?
  • What are some topics you would like to see on Feedback Friday? 
  • What's your favorite book genre and why?

Thanks for reading my post and I hope you all start this week off on a high note :)

P.S. I was writing this yesterday and I forgot that the day this is being posted on is my birthday :P I can't wait to come home and get all those Facebook birthday messages :P

Anyways, enjoy your week!


  1. Happy birthday!! Hope your day is awesome :)

    I like the idea of Feedback Friday - it'll be a good way of getting your writing out there for us t see.

    My genre of choice is (unsurprisingly) fantasy. There's no genre finer, and I will fight anyone who dares challenge it :)

    As for Children of the Dark, how about Children of Dusk, or Children of the Gloom? Avoid the word Twilight at all costs, though!

    1. Thanks! Good genre choice XD Fantasy is one of my fav's :) I like Children of Dusk :D Children of The Dark seemed bland :P Exnay on the Twilightey :P

      Thanks for the feedback! :D

  2. Dude we are like best friends but to be honest I just think that you come up with too generic of writing. The last names are like based off of something in there life or attitude with your writing. Last Name Examples: Storm, Fighter,ect. I really wished you were more creative instead of names you could only have in video games :P

    1. Which is why I want your help with this project XD Would you wanna help? Maybe help with fan art. Anyways we need to discuss this weekends plans. Text me.

  3. I love the title Lord Of the Frost :-)

  4. I like the name Children of the Dark for fantasy or horror. Although I read most genres, I tend to read more crime fiction than anything else. However, I'm currently reading a middle-grade fantasy/sci fi novel by R. Gary Raham: A Singular Prophecy.

    1. Cool! I like crime fiction too! I'll check A Singular Prophecy out :) Thanks for the feedback!

  5. "Dark" is a tough one. Lots of synonyms, but most carry connotations you may not want. Dusk was mentioned. Shade is a possibility too, but I'm not sure which aspect of the term you're wanting to convey.

    Perhaps you might consider stepping outside of the "dark" box and get more specific or poetic? Many synonyms exist for terms like "evil" (maleficent or baneful or even mephitic if you stretch it.) You could also go for naming the ancient civilization's purpose or intent. Orders focused on objectives most would find repulsive might often give themselves a name completely opposite of how it would be perceived by others. (That said, is this truly a civilization or an "order" or "brotherhood" or something similar?)

    I'm curious as to what you finally decide. Of course, "Children of the Dark" isn't necessarily bad, just a little generic and vague.

  6. Thanks for the feedback Jeff. I agree with you, there are many more less vague terms to use instead of Dark. I like brotherhood. I'm still brainstorming but hey, you never know when you'll stumble upon a #1 Seller title XD



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